SRAM Rival 1 X Classified Powershift Hub

Fast, Fun, Freedom

The U.P. started the fast gravel category by mating road bike speed with go-anywhere capabilities.
With its dropped chainstay for more tire clearance and dual wheel size compatibility, the U.P.(P.E.R.) became the de facto standard for performance gravel bikes.
The road position lets you get out of town quickly (unlike a mountain bike). Space for big tires gives you grip on tougher terrain (unlike a road bike).
Get one set of all-round tires or dedicated wheelsets for fast & tough terrain.

Classified Powershift Hub

Powershift Technology is a wireless shifting system that allows you to shift gears instantly and under full load. The Powershift hub offers unrivalled shift quality, high gearing range and small steps in between gears combining the benefits of both 1x and 2x.

The most versatile gravel drivetrain. Reliable shifts in all conditions. Wide gearing range without having to deal with large jumps in between the gears.
clock Instant Shifting.

-150 milliseconds, that’s all it takes

-Gear Ultimate Gear Coverage
24 gears, small steps, up to 530% of gearing range

-Gear-shifting Shifting Under Full Load
Up to 1000 watts

-Axis Ultimate Efficiency
Gain efficiency in all conditions

-Rainy-weather Waterproof
No need to worry about dirt or rain

-Weight Competititve Weight
Equally light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset

SRAM Rival 1

The SRAM Rival 1 crankset delivers consistent performance every time out. Featuring SRAMs X-SYNC tooth profile, the Rival 1 crankset is engineered for complete chain control. Each tooths thickness is CNC-machined to work seamlessly with the chains inner and outer links.

Paved or not. Cyclocross or triathlon. Road racing or unchartered journeys. Rival®1 provides a single-minded proposition to meet each challenge and expand your limits.

Dropped Chainstay.

Chainring(s), frame and tire all fight for space just behind the bottom bracket. The dropped chainstay gets around the chainring and away from the tire, thus increasing tire clearance.

The result? Space for big (mountain bike) tires without needing wide cranks. So you can run road cranks with a low Q-factor (pedal stance) for the best pedaling efficiency.

Classified R35 Carbon Wheelset

The R35 is our go-to road wheel. Perfect for all conditions, it’s lightweight, has a 35mm rim height and internal width of 19mm. It works with tubeless, compatible with 25 – 32mm tires and operates up to a high tire pressure. This wheelset is powershift ready so it is much easier to install the powershift hub. 

The benefits of carbon rims are simpe – Stiffer, Lighter and faster. 

The CF R35 is the perfect all-rounder, finding an optimal balance between stiffness, aerodynamics and weight. They are your perfect companion when riding high-up in the mountains or powering over the Flemish cobbles.

Build as pictured £6550

Build without wheelset £4250

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