Shimano 11 Speed Bonded HOLLOWTECH II Road Crankset Inspection Programme

The Issue: 

Reports received by Shimano indicate that the outer cover of the crank arm may start to separate from the main crank arm body, posing potential fall and injury hazards to consumers.

For the very latest information concerning the models that affected please visit the Shimano website here >

All crankset inspections are FREE of charge. 


1. Check to see if your crankset is affected – by checking the model and production code.

2. If your crankset falls within scope of the Inspection Programme, please contact one of our stores to arrange an inspection. When calling please have to hand the make and model of your bike.  

3. Please drop your bike off on the agreed inspection date.

4. Our technicians will assess the crankset and identify if there are any issues that are present at that point in time. 

5. We will contact you to let you know the outcome of the inspection.

If no fault is identified we will clean and refit your crankset.

If an issue is identified we will retain the crankset and take steps to source a replacement from Shimano.

Shimano are working hard to deliver replacement cranksets as quickly as feasibly possible. If you have a crankset that needs replacing it is likely that we will ask you to collect your bike and bring it back in when the replacement crankset arrives. 

Thank you in advance for cooperation.