November 2022

Chevin Demo Day Recap

Written By Robert Thorpe

Setting up a mountain bike demo day isn’t an easy process. The one variable that’s beyond our control is the weather, which is why it’s so reassuring that we work with world-leading brands such as Trek and Whyte Bikes. And, as Whyte is a U.K.-based brand, you can be sure that their latest models are designed for days just like this, where the rain turns the trails into a technical festival for the brave and adventurous. Thankfully, skin is waterproof, and with the right people leading the way, and on the right bike, with Smith helmets looking after the safety aspect, today’s mountain bike demo day at our Chevin Cycles Otley store, was certainly memorable – for all the right reasons. After all – life means venture!

Trek Slash 8 Full Suspension MTB

Speaking to riders returning from the ride out on the Trek demo bikes, all were excited by the muddy and clearly adventurous outing into the Chevin hills and forested trails. The Trek Slash 8 was a particular favourite with riders. One customer said they normally rode a hardtail and said it had helped in the sloppy and slippery winter conditions. The improved and excellent traction and grip, together with the silos feel and finely tuned suspension front and rear, allowed him to go for the lines, instead of choosing them delicately. No today, on the new Trek full suspension offerings, he like the other riders had been able to dance around the hills with wide smiles.

The bikes clearly showed their work, with the usual detritus of forest debris and mud layering the frames and drivetrains; however, the riders themselves, despite the cold November day, were all showing wide grins, with hearts still beating to the rhythm of a great trail ride. Rider comments were all similar, with one saying how he rode these trails locally on his own bike, describing the Trek SlSh 8 as “So different from what I ride, and nice to have a comparison. So much more solid and confident a ride. ‘

The latest mountain bike offerings from Trek are ideal for a British winter trail session, and the Trek Slash 8 Typifies this, with the usual high-end components from Trek. Their suspension is catered for with a RockShox Lyrik RC up front and a RockShox Super Deluxe at the rear, working together to smooth out rocks, roots and anything else that dares to defy the adventurous rider. Considering Trek’s support to some of the best mountain bike races in the world, the trickle-down technology is clearly showing in their latest mtb range, and it’s available here at Chevin Cycles.

Whyte Bikes E-160 RSX 29er Full Suspension E-Bike

One of the biggest rides out on the demo day, was the noon ride on the Whyte demo fleet, with Neil and Shaun from Whyte providing their awesome Whyte E-160 RSX 29er E-Bike to tackle the wet and challenging conditions of the Chevin trails. Thankfully the bikes are designed specifically for U.K. trail conditions, and with some experienced customers joining the ride, the Whyte E-160 excelled in the rain, bringing back some very wet but very happy mountain bikers.

The E-160 RSX is a versatile and involving mid-travel full-suspension electric mountain bike, and it simply loves being challenged on technical trails. The harder you ride it, the more power and smiles it’ll deliver to you, making for epic rides out in the hills.

Whether you’re riding out into the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, in search of your own mountain adventure, or racing the technical and twisting trails of the new Enduro race scene, the Whyte E160 RSX will take you to a new level of trail riding, with the award-winning Bosch 750Wh PowerTube battery and Performance Line CX motor, driving you forward. Line choice is maximised with this gravity-defying full-suspension mountain, designed, and built for U.K. riders, by this dynamic U.K. brand. Today was a day to be ‘forever in electric dreams’, with this awesome trail munching beast proving why it’s such a popular bike brand for the U.K. Mountain Biking community.

Join the Electric Revolution!

You don’t have to wait for the formal demo days to take a test ride on one of the latest E-Bikes from Whyte and Trek. We’ve got a large demo fleet at our Otley store, and we’re ideally placed, close to the Chevin hills and woodland trails.

Why not talk to our team today, take one of our demo fleet bikes for a test, and let Chevin Cycles and Whyte Bikes take you on your next mountain adventure?