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Our Precision Fit services are dedicated to getting you the most from your bike, whatever your style or level of riding. Specially tailored to suit the needs of our clients we at Chevin Cycles have designed a range of fitting options to cater for all. Whether you are about to embark on the adventure of your first road bike or just want to take your riding to the next level we have a fit for you.

Your position on the bike is crucial to both your efficiency on the bike and equally important, your enjoyment. If you are riding along in constant pain this does not have to be the case, small changes to your position will make big changes to the feel of a bike! Many people will spend lots of time and money on bikes they never have set up and so will never get the full potential from. They will make many tweaks and changes to their position over weeks, months and years but never feel like they quite have it right. A Precision Fit from Chevin Cycles will set the position of the bike optimally for YOU. Every person is so unique they must be assessed on an individual basis to determine their ideal position. Whilst there are many "Rule of Thumb" sizing and fit suggestions these all generalise far too much and therefore none of these will get you anywhere near the degree of getting a full fit. Nobody is exactly alike, so there can be no standard formula to determine your position.

Here at Chevin Cycles we can help. If you want to get the most from your bike, or are experiencing any aches, pains and niggles a Precision Fit is for you. Anyone from a first time road cyclist to seasoned race veterans to weekend cafe riders can benefit from the right fit!

Step One

Adjust Cleats

Often overlooked, cleat position is crucial to your bike position. As well as ensuring your contact point with the pedals themselves is right the position of your cleats then have a knock on effect to every other part of the bike. Cleats can often be the culprit for aches and pains much higher up!

Step Two

Adjust Position

The title pretty much says it, this step involves adjusting the bike and components to allow you to sit in the position we have ascertained is correct for you. This involves adjusting current positions of parts as well as using our demo products on your bike to decide on correct sizing for components you may need to bring the bike to the ideal setup.

Step Three

Motion Capture

Using high speed cameras placed around you on the bike we can analyse in fine detail your movements on the bike and pedalling technique. We can slow down and stop the recordings to take measurements from you whilst you're riding and give us an incredible accuracy in checking your position matches that which we would like you to be in. You will also get copies of some of this video as part of your report.

Step Four

Fitting Jig

A fitting jig is a tool used by a fitter to allow the ideal bike position to be determined. It means during the fit we are not constrained by the dimensions of a bikes frame and do not have to spend time changing parts to see how they alter the position. It also allows the position to be altered whilst riding to give a much easier comparison for the rider between changes in position.

Step Five

Free One Hour Follow Up

Your free one hour follow ups allow us to reassess things and check up that everything is as it should be on the bike after your fit. Bike fitting is an ongoing process. We will get you to your ideal position on the day of your fit, but over the course of time you and your body will change. You will get stronger/weaker on the bike, more/less flexible, your cycling goals and aims will change; the list goes on. So the version of you in a year's time will not necessarily require the same bike position. We usually recommend you contact us to arrange this after about 3 months.

Step Six

Free Parts Fitting

Provided you purchase the recommended components from us on or within 3 months of your fit your fitter will arrange a time with you to get these fitted and record your updated position.

Step Seven

In Depth Fit Report

Once completed your fitter will provide you with details to log into your personal Chevin Cycles Precision Fit page on the client area of our site. They will then type up your report including assessment scores, angles of you on the bike, a detailed description of what had been done, recommendations for things to work on before your follow up and also the exact measurements of your bike both before and after your fit. You will also be able to access here images and videos from during your fit and pressure maps taken if used in the fit. For more information on what the report entails please refer to our reports page

Bike Setup

Designed to bring your bike to a good starting position. Cleats will be adjusted on your shoes to ensure they are set in a safe position and the bike will be adjusted to bring you to a comfortable riding position. This setup puts this bike into a turbo trainer and goes into much more depth than is possible on the shop floor alone as the staff can observe you much more objectively on the bike.
Time Taken: 30 minutes
Ideal For: Someone new to road cycling who wants advice on how the bike should be set up.

Precision Fit

The Precision Fit enables us to take the rider into far greater account whilst setting the bike up. Time is taken to interview the client and put them through a series of specially chosen physical assessments to determine where the rider should be. This also comes with access to an online in depth fit report detailing what has been done and the position your bike is now in.
Time Taken: 2 to 3 hours
Ideal For: Someone who wants a bike set up to take them into account. Particularly suited to people with specific injuries they would like to avoid aggravating.

Precision Fit with Motion Capture

Using the same process as Chevin Cycles Precision Fit, motion capture cameras allows us to get a more in depth view of the rider on the bike. We can slow down and freeze the rider in certain positions in the recordings to take measurements effectively as you ride. This means we can get the most accurate measurements possible and hence a better fit! It also helps us in showing you where improvements can be made in riding technique as you can see yourself riding! The videos will be included in your report for you to keep and download.
Time Taken: 2 to 3 hours
Ideal For: Someone who wants to improve their riding as well as their bike position. The motion capture really lets us show you where little changes by you on the bike will help make noticeable improvements on the road!

Pro Precision Fit

The next level in fitting this fit utilizes a Purely Custom Fitting Jig to allow us to set the rider to their completely ideal position. Not inhibited by the bike frame itself, the fit jig allows us to get you position dialled in to the nearest millimetre. Again motion tracking allows us to fully view you riding and help you see ways you can improve your technique on the bike. Once we have obtained this ideal position the fitter will then get this transferred straight onto your bike making any adjustments as necessary to get the bike as close as possible to this ideal position.
Time Taken: 3-4 hours (including measurement transfer)
Ideal For: Someone who wants to see exactly where they should be riding, not just where their bike can let them get to. This is particularly useful for anyone looking at a new bike and wanting to determine which frame size and geometry will suit them best.

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Chevin Cycles Precision Fitting Cancellation Policy

· Cancellation made with 24 hours notice - NO CHARGE

· Cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice - Charge of 25% of the original appointment price unless the appointment is re-booked for a future date on the day of cancellation.

· Missed appointment without notice - A charge of the full price of the appointment

Whilst we do not like to charge for missed appointments, they can be extremely costly to us as a business. Please inform us at your earliest opportunity if you have any issue with the date/time of your booked appointment. By making a booking you are accepting the terms of our cancellation policy.

  • I found Iain personable and professional, the bike fit was extremely thorough and each part was explained well to me. The bike fit changed my position significantly giving me a much greater leg stroke. The results were fantastic I can now produce more power for the same effort.

    • Jamie Williams
    • Triathelete
  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you did on the bike fit and adjustments for the handle bars. I was only able to get out on it this morning as I have been away on business all week and it is amazing, I have never felt so comfortable on a bike and the it just feels effortless to ride.

    • Gio Fitzgerald
    • Cyclist
  • The bike was fantastic I was 10 minutes up on best times for the swim and run but 45 minutes faster on the bike !! Was really please and the Tri bars were great and I could sustain a lot longer than before !! So thanks for all your help and sure will be popping in again

    • Paul Cribb
    • Ironman Triathlete