What is the Cycle to work Scheme:

“The cheapest way to buy a bike”

The Cycle to Work Scheme is part of the Government‘s Green Transport Plan aimed at making cycling more affordable and accessible for commuters and leisure riders.

Available to PAYE employees, it enables savings of between 25% and 39% to be achieved on Recommended Retail Prices for new bikes and qualifying accessories.

Recent changes to the scheme mean your choice is significantly increased and eBikes now also qualify.

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How much can i save?

Lots! - between 25% & 39% of RRP

Very simply, your employer buys the bike/accessories and you pay them back through monthly deductions form your salary over between 12 and 24 months (sometimes longer).

These deductions are made from your Gross Salary, thereby reducing the amount of your taxable income and effectively reducing the cost of the bike to you.

Use this Calculator to see how much you can save..

I’m interested – what do I need to do?

Talk to your Boss, then come and talk to us

Step 1

Check that your Employer supports the scheme; and is signed up/registered with one of the Scheme Administrators. Then check the website of the Administrator you’ll be using.

Step 2

Visit one of our stores and choose a bike and maybe some kit!!

Step 3

Apply for a Cycle to Work certificate via your Employer ‘s Scheme Administrator. (different Employers have slightly different approaches here, so talk to them/check your internal procedures)

Step 4

You’ll receive a certificate, which once approved by your Employer, you provide to us and collect your Bike and Accessories!

Step 5

Your Salary Sacrifice then commences and you start paying your employer back over the agreed period.

NB: All of the admin around these arrangements are handled by your employer and Scheme Administrator. It’s very quick and straightforward – leaving you simply to concentrate on choosing a bike!


We’re Cycle to Work Experts

Chevin Cycles Group Ltd are a highly experience Cycle to Work retailer and have supplied thousands of bikes on the scheme.

  • We have one of the largest stocks of bikes in the whole of the North of England and are principal suppliers of the world’s leading brands, such as Trek, Cannondale, Whyte, Haibike, Raleigh
  • We work and accept vouchers from with a large range of administrators
  • You can deal with us Face-To-Face in-store or Online
  • We will carefully guide you through the selection of the right bike for you and ensure it’s the right fit etc etc

‘I was a little concerned that the process would be difficult, but Chevin guided me through it simply and effortlessly.  My employer was already very switched on with the scheme and between them and Chevin, the process couldn’t have been easier.  The hardest thing was choosing the right bike! – and again Chevin couldn’t have been better.  I had  my bike within 3 weeks of applying and am now enjoying riding every week.  I love it and feel fitter and happier than I have for a long time’


Do you need more detail on the Scheme from your perspective?

Improve motivation, Enhance loyalty, Save Money (Employers NI,) Increase productivity

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