Expand your boundaries with the new generation of E-Bikes. Time to sit up and take notice!

E-Bikes have taken a turn for the better. No longer are they chunky, heavy and unreliable. You now get state of the art technology and motors combined with amazing ride and handling characteristics that you would expect from any other bike!

Chevin Cycles is proud to be one of Yorkshire's leading experts on E-Bikes, stocking bikes from top brands Trek, Haibike and Freego and Whyte.

Trek Powerfly

Building on the success of Treks hugely successful MTB Range, The Powerfly is Treks answer to the fast growing demand for hill-flattening, grin-inducing electric mountain bikes. With both full-suspension and hardtail models available at various price points, they have an E-Bike perfect for every riding style. All bikes use an aluminium chassis running 650b wheels and the active-line Bosch motor system with customised motor housing allowing for a shorter chainstays and a higher pivot. It also allows a built-in chain guide, belly armour, integrated cable routing and all-important bottle opener.

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Founded in Germany, Haibikes have become the best-selling e-mountain bikes in their native country. This comes as no surprise given their unmatched ability to power you up some of the steepest off road terrain and tackle the descents as well as any top specced mountain bike. Given that e-mountain biking is currently one of the fastest growing sports in Europe, being a best seller in Germany is therefore a very notable claim.

Electric Mountain Bikes with breathtaking engineering. Haibike's utilise the Bosch motor system. What drives Haibike is their passion for cycling, design and style. All of their eBikes are developed with riding in mind, built on a solid German chassis and a top quality mountain bike spec.

Ultimately, Haibike are at the forefront of the e-MTB game and don’t look to be slowing down.

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Flatten hills, laugh at the wind and take the scenic route home!

Raleigh built their very first bike back in 1887 so its safe to say they know a thing or two about bicycles. With an emphasis on fun, Raleigh's electric bike range is most suited to the commuter/leisure rider.

Featuring all the latest tech including the pedal activated drive system by Bosch which engages only when you pedal, allowing the bikes to be quick, predictable, easy to control and ridden almost everywhere.

Use Raleigh's electric bike match to find which bike is most suitable >E-BIKE MATCH

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Bosch Motor System

The Performance Line is designed for athletic and powerful riding and does justice to its name. Its dynamic drive impresses with high-performance support on any terrain. From flat to steep. From asphalt to trail. The Drive Unit up to 25 or even 45 km/h provides support for every pace.

The same uncompromising approach is also reflected in the design. Each individual component unites elegance and ergonomics into a maximum of aesthetics and usability. And this groundbreaking design has now been expanded to include an additional variant.

The on-board computer Intuvia provides information regarding range, trip time, average speed, and much more, and the new gear recommendation detects if you are riding in the best efficiency range of the Drive Unit and indicates the optimal time to switch gears.