What Is Bike Fitting?

The goal of a bike fit is to achieve perfect harmony between bike and rider. Understanding the relationship between the contact points of the rider and their bicycle is fundamental to ensuring maxinum efficiency. It is important to assess you on an individual basis to determine your perfect riding position. This makes the interview and assessment stages a key part of the fitting process as it enables us to establish your riding goals and objectives

The Process


The interview allows us to gain an understanding of your riding background and structure what we are trying to achieve throughout the session. It is also a great opportunity to set your goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Off The Bike Assessments

The Measurements are taken from the bike to give us an idea of your current abilitys and highlight and constraints you may have. Armed with this information we can then begin the determine the optimal position for you at present. We will help you identify and address any limitations you may have, allowing us to improve your position.

On The Bike Adjustments

Once we know where your capabilities lie, it is a case of adjusting the bike to get you to realise your ideal position. Whilst riding on a static trainer we adjust the arrangement of the contact points on your bike, resulting in a position with which you can interact more efficiently.

Report & Review

At Chevin Cycles we pride ourselves on the quality of our post fit service. Included in every fit (excludes bike setup) is access to your detailed fit report, with optional photo and video analysis. We also make it our aim to provide clients with continued long term support, through exercise and coaching programs to achieve their goals.

" I actually get on my bike and smile to myself due to how comfortable and fast it is."

Fiona Hoare - Triathlon Coach

Our fitting levels are currently undergoing a revamp

Stay tuned, more info to be released very soon

For questions and existing bookings please call us on 01423 568 222 and we will be happy to help

Chevin Cycles Precision Fitting Cancellation Policy

· Cancellation made with 24 hours notice - NO CHARGE

· Cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice - Charge of 25% of the original appointment price unless the appointment is re-booked for a future date on the day of cancellation.

· Missed appointment without notice - A charge of the full price of the appointment

Whilst we do not like to charge for missed appointments, they can be extremely costly to us as a business. Please inform us at your earliest opportunity if you have any issue with the date/time of your booked appointment. By making a booking you are accepting the terms of our cancellation policy.

" I have never felt so comfortable on a bike, It just feels effortless to ride."

Jamie Williams - Triathlete