Mail Order

Just received your new bike in the mail? check out the following videos to help you put it together safely and correctly.

Attach handlebars and stem

Preload the headset and tighten pinch bolts

installing the front wheel

inflate tyres to recommended pressures

installing the pedals

adjust saddle to correct height

Bike Assembly

Chevin Cycles Bike Unboxing Guide

How To Use Bontrager Switch Thru Axle

Proper wheel installation and removal with a quick release

How To Remove and Install Bike Wheels

How To Install Bike Pedals


Using Spray Protects

Using A Chain Box

Torque Your Suspension Bolts

Take Care With Sprays

Prevent A Seized Seatpost

Grease Your Axle

Clean Your Seals

Checking Your Disc Brakes

Check Your Bolts

A Little Goes A Long Way!

How To Clip In to Your Pedals (2-Bolt)

How To Clip In to Your Pedals (3-Bolt)

How To Install 3-Bolt Cleats

How To Do a Pre-Ride Check

How To Wash Your Bike

How To Fix a Flat Bike Tire

On the Trails

Quick Spin Essentials With Chevin Cycles