Tips and Tricks

Bike Assembly

Chevin Cycles Bike Unboxing Guide

How To Use Bontrager Switch Thru Axle

Proper wheel installation and removal with a quick release

How To Remove and Install Bike Wheels

How To Install Bike Pedals


Using Spray Protects

Using A Chain Box

Torque Your Suspension Bolts

Take Care With Sprays

Prevent A Seized Seatpost

Grease Your Axle

Clean Your Seals

Checking Your Disc Brakes

Check Your Bolts

A Little Goes A Long Way!

How To Clip In to Your Pedals (2-Bolt)

How To Clip In to Your Pedals (3-Bolt)

How To Install 3-Bolt Cleats

How To Do a Pre-Ride Check

How To Wash Your Bike

How To Fix a Flat Bike Tire

On the Trails

Quick Spin Essentials With Chevin Cycles