NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Meet the all-new Trek Emonda SL and SLR

Meet the all-new Trek Emonda SL and SLR – redesigned from the ground up to maintain the title of the ultimate lightweight road bike in Trek’s line up.

Trek’s Fastest Climbing Bike

The addition of aerodynamic tube shapes makes Émonda faster everywhere. Yes, aero matters for climbing, and the all new Émonda’s aero tube shapes save 18 seconds per hour at an 8% gradient and a staggering 60 seconds per hour on the flats. Traditionally, adding aero tube shapes will make a bike heavier – but not with an all-new OCLV 800 on Émonda SLR.

OCLV 800 carbon

OCLV 800 is the result of a multi-year process aimed at creating our strongest and lightest carbon ever. The new material is 30% stronger than anything we’ve ever used before, allowing us to use less material in high-stress areas of the frame. The finished product: a sub-700 g frame.

The Émonda SL uses a more cost-effective lightweight 500 series OCLV carbon, making it a great option for a customer who finds the Émonda SLR out of their price range.

The Complete Package

The Émonda launches alongside the new Aeolus RSL 37 wheels and Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem Combo, bringing the ultimate balance of weight and aero to the complete system.

Both the Émonda SLR and SL feature the identical frame shapes for identical aerodynamic performance. They both have a T47 BB for the ultimate in performance and serviceability. Cables are almost totally hidden, but still route externally to the bars, making service easy. Lastly, an H1.5 fit means that performance riders of every gender will find a powerful and aerodynamic position on Émonda.