1. Sustrans Big Pedal 19 - 30 April 2021

    Sustrans Big Pedal will run for 10 days from 19 – 30 April and is open to all primary and secondary schools in the UK, including SEN schools. Join in for one, five or ten days between 19 and 30 April 2021 to be in with a chance of winning fabulous prizes every day. On […]
  2. Its That Good You Don't Even Know It's There - InvisiFRAME Protection

    Protection, we think about ourselves as riders all the time, shoes, coats, pads and helmets to name a few. These are all ways to protect ourselves as riders. But what about your bike? What’s there to protect your pride enjoy? Unfortunately, out of the box not a lot! Maybe a downtube protector and a slight […]
  3. Bike Security in the Home With Hiplok

    Home Security With Hiplok The topic of bike security might not fill you with excitement and we are fairly sure it’s not going to improve your riding performance directly, however someday it may mean you still have a bike to ride!  Bike thefts in the UK are on the rise and we were shocked to learn in […]
  4. E-Bikes The Ultimate Guide

    E-Bikes The Ultimate Guide E-Bikes continue to soar in popularity and it's for good reason. No longer are they chunky, heavy and unreliable. You now get state of the art technology and motors combined with amazing ride and handling characteristics that you would expect from any other bike! Chevin Cycles is proud to be one […]

    ALL RISE - 2021 ORBEA RISE All Rise, a term usually used to announce the arrival of a special person, this time used to announce the arrival of a significantly special bike. The newest addition to our e-Bike range in-store is the Orbea Rise, a revolutionary piece of tech that has captivated the imaginations of our team in-store. […]
  6. A Buyers Guide To Mudguards

    A BUYERS GUIDE FOR THE RIGHT MUDGUARDS Plastic Universal Guards One of the most common mudguards yet one of the cheapest. A universal guard simply attaches to your bike either using its own structure or by a set of cable ties. The main benefit of this type of guard is how easy they are to […]
  7. To See or Be Seen a Winter Guide to Lights

    To See Or Be Seen A Winter Guide To Lights To see or be seen that's the question, today we are going to run through some of our best-selling lights and give you all the information you need to get the right lights for your ride. Let's start by finding the right light for your […]
  8. Turbo Trainers, Lets Get Your Legs Turning

    Turbo Trainers, Lets Get Your Legs Turning It's getting closer to that time in the year where normally the weather can dictate your riding. In this blog we're going to take a look at turbo trainers. What are they? Benefits of a turbo trainer ? and What's best for me? As well as look at […]
  9. The Future of Electric Travel - E Scooters

    The Future of Electric Travel - E Scooters In a world where people are trying to spend less time in the car and less time on public transport, the idea of more eco-friendly travel has flooded the market whether that's commuting by bike, walking and now the addition of E-Scooters. Whilst E-Scooters are currently only […]

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