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  1. NEW PRODUCT! - Garmin 1040 Solar! - Could this be the perfect head unit for your next ride ? Order NOW!
  2. Feature Bike 13/05/22 - Trek Madone SLR - Could This Be The Ultimate Race Bike?

    Feature Bike - Madone SLR Custom Build The Madone SLR  is more than just a road bike, it’s the ultimate superbike. It’s fast, light, smooth and designed to give you every advantage in speed and handling. Of the world’s most sophisticated road bikes, only Madone delivers the triple threat of advanced aerodynamics, superior ride quality, and […]
  3. Feature Bike 22/04/22 - WHYTE T140 CR - Is this the ultimate British trail bike?

    Feature Bike - Whyte T140C R Introducing the Whyte Bikes T-140C R. Could this be the ultimate British trail bike? We have always been a fan of Whyte Bikes' stunning design and amazing ride quality, but this thing just blows the term value for money out of the water! With 130mm of rear travel and […]
  4. Feature Bike 15/04/22 - Synapse 105 - Endurance at Unbeatable Value

    Feature Bike - Cannondale Synapse Roll smooth, roll fast, roll confidently. Wherever the road takes you, roll with Synapse – our most versatile, comfortable, all-around, up-for-anything, pure road machine. Synapse might just be the perfect road bike. Supple and comfortable. Light and fast. Composed, capable, and easy to ride hard on all kinds of roads. […]
  5. In The Know

    Never Miss a Beat! Here at Chevin Cycles, we are always looking for new ways to keep you up to date! That's why this page exists so whether it's the next maintenance course, demo day or you just want to stay up to date with our in-store news, you can just click below and sign […]
  6. Time To Ride March Recap!

    Welcome to time to ride // I'm new here so let me show you around Time to ride is a brand new part of Chevin Cycles, starting with our monthly newsletter. This newsletter should keep you up to date on all the juicy content coming in and out of Chevin Cycles. With a mix of […]
  7. Duplicated: Feature Bike 11/02/22 - Orbea Laufey - Is this the ultimate kids trail bike? - [#3821]

    ORBEA Laufey Junior - Are You Ready For Spring That’s right were almost to that magical time of year again when the sun is out, and the days are longer, perfect time to be outdoors and get out with your friends, whether that’s on the road, trails, or park there’s a bike for the occasion, […]
  8. Feature Bike 25/02/22 - Cannondale Jekyll - Is this the ultimate enduro bike?

    Feature Bike - Cannondale Jekyll See you at the bottom Even though Jekyll boasts a unique combo of go-fast tech that’s never been seen before, it's not a bike that talks. It’s a bike that goes. Where it thrives Steep, fast, rowdy mountains What it's built for Enduro racing, bike park sessions, high-speed mobbing Descend […]
  9. Raleigh

    Raleigh is one of the world's oldest and best-known bike brands. Established in 1887 in Nottingham, England, they are still based in our hometown. Discover their more than 130-year old tradition, our passion for cycling and our vision for the future. Raleigh’s Future… The increased collaboration and knowledge sharing between the group brands, particularly in […]
  10. Haibike

    Haibike have been passionately developing bikes in Germany since 1995 and can draw upon almost 100 years of experience from their parent company WinoraGroup. Haibike are incredibly lucky to be able to combine a significant enterprise with the dynamics and courage of a start-up. With the introduction of the Haibike XDURO FS in 2010, Haibike […]

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