Changing lives, with bikes…

Here at Chevin Cycles, we believe that being an integral part of our local communities is an important aspect of our business. After all, it’s these communities that keep us functioning, and it’s only right that we give something back. 

Resurrection Bikes, is a Harrogate based bicycle ‘Up-cycling’ organisation – no pun intended – whose team of volunteers take in bikes donated by the community, fix them up, sell them on, or donate them to people in particular need. The funds raised are then donated to local charities. It’s a win-win situation, which allows many people to cycle, who couldn’t ordinarily do so, and we’re proud to be able to support this. 

We’ve worked with John and the team at Resurrection Bikes for some time, and recently, we handed over two full van loads of second-hand bikes, that we’d taken in from new customers, from our bicycle ‘trade-in’ campaign. It’s simple really; if a Chevin Cycles customers traded in their old bike when buying a new one, then we reduced the price of their new bike by the value of the old bike, and we then donated the old bike to the team at Resurrection. Hopefully, all of these bikes will soon be finding new homes again, and helping more people in Harrogate district to get fit, to enjoy their leisure time, or to commute to work in a carbon friendly and cost-effective way. 

Our Director, Sanjai Bhatia, took the vast array of trade-in bikes along to John and Resurrection, at their workshop off Cold Bath Road, Harrogate. They’ll all be given an assessment and a service, before being either sold on cheaply or given free to someone in need. 

Our Chevin Cycles ‘trade-In’ offer is still ongoing, at each of our award-winning stores at Otley, Harrogate and Skipton. It finishes this week, so hurry along. You can also donate your bikes direct to the team at Resurrection Bikes, if you’re not currently looking to purchase a new one. However, for those cyclists looking to buy a new bike, then let’s change lives together – with bikes, at Chevin Cycles & Resurrection Bikes. 

Resurrection Bikes

Changing Lives, with Bikes

Altruism is never outdated

Here at Chevin Cycles, we like to think that our local communities are important. There are so many impact factors on everyone these days, with some members of society suffering more so than others. This includes the tragic cases of the Ukrainian people, whose families have had to flee their homeland in the last 12 months, purely to try and stay alive. Finding a safe place to live within the altruistic communities of Yorkshire, they still have many challenges. Then of course, there are other groups, more local to us, living in difficult circumstances.

Altruism is never outdated, and we’re constantly inspired by people like John, and the team of volunteers at Resurrection Bikes, Harrogate, who give their time and energy to fix up donated bikes and pass them on to those in particular need, including refugee families and people referred to them.

Who are Resurrection Bikes

John, a businessman and accountant by profession, knows exactly how important and how impactive financial issues can be to some families. He’s also one of the most amazingly kind people that you’re likely to meet, and has used his passion for helping us to create what has grown to become a community of like-minded cyclists within Harrogate, who form the team at Resurrection Bikes. We went along recently, to find out more about their story.

About 10 years ago, John’s daughter was looking to raise money for a charity trip and project, and the two of them decided to try and get people to donate unwanted bikes, which he fixed up and sold on cheaply, raising the necessary funds for his daughter’s charity project. As with all good ideas, this soon expanded, and John ended up doing more bikes and raising significant funds for a number of locally based good causes. Bikes started coming in thick and fast, and it was obvious that there was both a need for people to be able to get a bike cheaply, either for leisure (young families) or work (commuting), and a willing community of kind-hearted people within Harrogate willing to donate their own unwanted bicycles.

The Resurrection team

Eventually, putting together a team to help him, they were able to find their current premises, close to Cold Bath Road, Harrogate, gain lottery funding and have now set up a well-oiled system that is simply quite impressive in every way. The volunteers work in teams of two, each team on a different day, and they resource the busy workshop. Bikes are now, not only donated by individuals, but also by large organisations, including ourselves here at Chevin Cycles.

Donate a Bike with Chevin Cycles

If you’ve visited a Chevin Cycles store recently, or looked at our website, you’ll have noticed that we currently have a trade-in deal activate. If you bring in your old bike, we’ll give you a guaranteed discount off your new purchase, and the trade-in bike will then go to John and the team at Resurrection Bikes, where it’ll be given a new lease of life and either donated free of charge to a very worthwhile person, or sold on at a very reasonable price to somebody whose finances can’t run to a brand new bike, with any money raised from the sales being be donated to the local causes supported by John and the Resurrection Bikes team.

Change small worlds 🙂

As you can see, it’s a purely altruistic arrangement in which everyone benefits, and these old bikes are also recycled in a very positive way. If you’re handy with a bike spanner, or you’ve got a bike to donate, then why not give John and the team a call.

Alternatively, you can trade-in your bike here at Chevin Cycles, and we’ll do the rest, also supplying you with one of the best bikes currently available from the world’s leading brands, whilst making sure that your old set of wheels helps out somebody whose life might just be changed by having access to a bike.

We can’t change the world on our own, but like John, we can change small worlds, and simple gifts such as this can make somebody’s life so much better. Let’s all do more in 2023, to give what we can to others, even if that gift is just our time – because ultimately, time is the most precious gift of all.

Muc-Off Cleaning & Maintenance Guide

Winter is the most important time of the year to clean your bike. The roads and usually covered in debris from the fields and the rain seems to lay on the surface longer, as temperatures make it harder for the roads to dry. Add to this, the salt that is laid down to melt the ice, and you’ve got a recipe for dirty bikes and clogged up drivetrains.  

It’s always best to clean your bike as soon as you’ve finished the ride. This way, the dirt hasn’t set hard and it won’t yet have started to damage any components on the drivetrain. Yes, debris and dirt from the road can shorten the life of your chain and cause issues with the rear derailleur too, leaving you needing replacements. Bolts on the bottle cages and elsewhere, such as the around the headset, will also show signs of deterioration, and your pristine bike will simply look unloved.  

Thankfully, we’ve got some great cleaning products in store and online, and they make super gift ideas for cyclists. From cleaning brush sets, chain cleaners, to a multitude of oils and bike shampoos, there’s something for everyone!  

Individual Muc-Off Brushes - from only £5.99 

Leading brand, Muc-Off produce a range of cleaning brushes of all shapes and sizes, to ensure that whatever bike you’ve got, there’s a brush to reach every part. Best of all, these brushes start at only £5.99, so that you can buy just the right brushes for your own needs.  

Their ‘Two Prong Brush’ is ideal for reaching hard-to-shift dirt on spokes, discs, shocks, cranks, linkages and pedals, and other hard-working areas that tend to pick up dirt. Its unique design features an impact resistant, dual density handle for maximum grip in wet conditions and durable nylon bristles. The twin brush heads can even be altered and repositioned to reach even the tightest areas! It’s an ideal brush for cleaning all bikes, and will last you a long time.  

Take a look at the wide variety of other brushes available here on our website, by clicking the link below, and add to your own bike maintenance kit for winter riding.  

Muc-Off Cycle Cleaning Fluid  

We stock this awesome bike cleaning fluid in either a 5-litre container or a larger 25 litre container, once in meaning that whatever your need or budget, you can get the very best cycle cleaning fluid to look after your own dream machine this winter. Along with the Muc-Off brushes, your bike will be kept in tip-top condition, meaning that you’ll be riding the miles with bigger smiles and your drivetrain will keep running smoothly too.  

Using their Muc-Off state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula, Muc-Off cycle cleaning fluid cuts through grime quicker than you can say “OMG!” regardless of the weather or riding conditions. This classic pink Bike Cleaner has incredible cleaning power because it contains revolutionary Nano Technology that breaks down dirt and grime on microscopic levels, while also caring for your bike’s delicate finish. Best of all, it’s also: 

  • Biodegradable 
  • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fibre 
  • Will not harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors 
  • Safe on anodised metal 
  • Alkaline based and free from CFCs, solvents or acids 

Get in the pink this winter, with Muc-Off Cycle Cleaner and keep your bike running smoothly on the winter roads. 

Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaner 

The most important part of your winter cleaning regime should always be the bike chain. If that’s not working properly, then you simply won’t be going anywhere; and all those metal links need looking after and ensuring that there’s no dirt and debris and road salt, that might cause issues or even cause some rust to show. Once you’ve finished every ride, take a piece of cloth and wipe the chain and then use this great chain cleaner from Muc-Off, to get into the chain links and remove all the dirt and particles.  

It’s a simple and easy to use device, that simply fastens around the chain, and as you turn the cranks, the brushes work their magic to get into every part of the chain. Included in the kit is a 75ml measure of Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner. This revolutionary little liquid can be either sprayed over the drivetrain or poured directly into the top reservoir of the machine, which is then released by a control button. This ensures the application of the cleaner is quick and easy to control. The X-3 machine and Drivetrain Cleaner partner up to attack the worst of grease and grime from every possible angle to deliver the ultimate, deep clean on even the dirtiest bike chains.  

The abrasive cleaning teeth and rotating brush wheels which have 120 contact points cover all areas of the individual chain link for a deep and thorough clean. Finally, the excess dirty fluid drops into a second lower reservoir so it’s kept away from the clean chain. Show your bike some extra love with the Muc-Off Chain Cleaner, ensuring that your rides stay smoother for longer and servicing intervals are also extended.  

Muc-Off Lubes for all Conditions 

Muc-Off produce one of the widest range of oils and lubes in the cycle industry, to make sure that whatever the weather or riding conditions, they’ve got the ideal lube for you. Take a look at our Chevin Cycles maintenance page at the range we sell, or pop into the store and ask our expert team for advice. We’ll always make sure that you get the right lube for your own bike and riding. Best of all, they’re all reasonably priced and make excellent Christmas stocking fillers for the cyclists in the family.  

Here’s just a few examples of the wide range of Muc-Off lubes that we sell at Chevin Cycles: 

  • Muc-Off All Weather Lube 250ml 
  • Muc-Off Wet Lube 120ml 
  • Muc-Off Dry PTFE Chain Lube Aerosol 400ml 
  • Muc-Off C3 Wet Ceramic Lube 120ml 

Muc-Off Cleaning Accessories  

As well as these basic cleaning products, being a world leading cleaning brand, Muc-Off also produce a range of products to look after those special parts of your bike. Here’s a few ideas to help you stay smooth on the roads and trails this winter, with some great ideas for Christmas gifts for the cyclists in the family: 

  • Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml – only £10.99 
  • Muc-Off eBike Ultra Corrosion Defence 485ml – only £14.99 
  • Muc-Off Silicone Shine 500ml – only £9.99 
  • Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer 250ml – only £7.99 

Christmas is always a difficult time to know what gifts to get your friends and family. Good things always come in small packages, and the range of cleaning and maintenance products from Muc-Off make ideal gifts and stocking fillers for all cyclists. From the various cleaning kits, priced for all budgets, to the wide range of products from this world leading brand, we’re sure that you’ll find the right gift idea at Chevin Cycles this Christmas – and, it’ll also help to keep you riding through winter, with your bike in pristine condition by the time that spring returns. 

Bike lights are good at any time of the year, and we’ve got great advice on our website about lighting yourself up. However, at Christmas time, with new bikes often purchased for children and other family members, having lights is extra important, due to the often-dull days and limited sunlight. With Christmas so close too, lights are an excellent gift for family cyclists, and a perfect stocking filler. Let’s take a look then, a few bike light options for Christmas.  

Bontrager Glo / Ember Light Set  

Light sets are always a great gift idea, and we’ve got some great lights for you. The Bontrager Glo / Ember Light Set is reasonably priced and ideal for younger cyclists or those cycling a commute locally. Best of all, it’s small enough to fit easily inside a Christmas stocking 😉.  

This is a compact and stylish light set, that has either a steady light setting or a flash mode. It attaches easily to any bike, with a simple versatile mount, that will have you lit up and safely on your way in no time. The set includes a Glo Headlight, Ember Rear Light, and 2 silicone straps. Best of all, it also comes with 4 CR2032 batteries, meaning that you’re all set.  

Research has shown that the single most impactive thing that you can do as a cyclist to stand out, is a good light – even in daytime. Make a difference and stay safe this Christmas, with this ideal gift from Bontrager.  

Cateye Duplex Front / Rear Helmet Battery Light 

Many cyclists like the addition of a helmet lights, to ensure that they stand out to other road users. This set from leading brand Cateye, is an ideal helmet light set for commuters and for leisure cyclists too.  

Cateye have one of the most detailed and stringent of testing and research programmes for bike lights, meaning that you can rely on them to help keep you seen. The front light within this set can be used at a really bright 490 lumen at maximum brightness, simply by double clicking to high mode, and down to a still very bright 200 lumen on flashing. It has steady or flashing modes and is lightweight, at only 49g. The king rubber attachment strap turns 360 degrees and it has excellent run times: 

  • Front flashing 15-30 lumen, 100 hrs 
  • Front constant 15 lumen, 100 hrs  

The Ember Rear Light fastens in the same way and has comparable light settings, keeping you safely lit on your journey home this Christmas and New Year. Cateye maximise the best beam pattern from any LED, utilising superior lens and reflector technology to emit a higher quality light and beam pattern in front of the rider. In terms of a great, easy to use and reliable light set as a Christmas Gift, the Cateye Duplex Front / Rear Helmet Battery Light is an ideal stocking filler.  

Cateye Volt 200xc Front Light & Rapid Micro Rear USB Rechargeable Light Set 

Rechargeable bike lights are always a great idea, and this well made and tough light set from Cateye is an ideal Christmas gift for any cyclist. It’s far more than a simple commuter light set, and is also the ideal light set for those short training rides, and especially for long daytime rides in winter, when you want to add that extra visibility.  

The front light has a Chip LED x 1, 200 Lumen maximum output, meaning that you can see and be seen from some distance, a Proprietary Opticube lens for supreme light distribution, a Lightweight, durable polycarbonate body with a highly polished finish, and a USB Li-ion rechargeable battery with battery indicator.  

You simply double click to set Flashing Mode and single click returns it to the previous mode. The light recharges in a mere 3 hrs, meaning that you’re always ready to ride. 

The Cateye Rapid Micro Rear has 3 x red SMD LEDs, giving a 25 Lumen output, a USB Li-Ion rechargeable battery! And comes in a supersonically welded case for weather resistance, making it an ideal winter light. It has a battery indicator and battery auto save function, which converts the light to flash mode so that you’re never left in the dark. It also recharges in a mere 2 hrs.  

Lighting up on your bike is important all year round, but it’s especially important in winter. We’ve got some great Christmas gift light sets for all cyclists this festive season. Look at the wide range here on our website or speak to a member of our team in store.  

Bontrager Ion Comp R / Flare R City Bike Light Set 

At the upper end of the price point spectrum is this fantastic light set from Bontrager. It’s a high quality and super bright, well-engineered bike light set for the keen cyclist this Christmas.  

With Dedicated Daytime Running Light modes on both lights, designed for increased visibility, the Bontrager Ion Comp R provides a warm, wide and super bright 700-lumen beam for confident night riding and a great depth of field. Whether you’re commuting or out training, you’ll be bright and visible this winter in the roads with this front light.  

The Flare R City rear light delivers a wide, 35-lumen beam that’s ideal for city use too, and a DRL-specific focus, flash and range flash patterns which offer ultimate daytime visibility and give you that all-important feeling of safety. Best of all, it’s also Blendr-compatible for integrated mounting on compatible Blendr stems, helmets and helmet mounts, and it’s USB-rechargeable with the included micro-USB cable. 

Let St Nicholas and your family and friends look after you this Christmas, and add one of our superb ranges of bike lights sets to your own Christmas list. Winter riding can be fun, especially if you’re wrapped up warm with Chevin Cycles and well-lit on the roads. 

November 2022

Chevin Demo Day Recap

Written By Robert Thorpe

Setting up a mountain bike demo day isn’t an easy process. The one variable that’s beyond our control is the weather, which is why it’s so reassuring that we work with world-leading brands such as Trek and Whyte Bikes. And, as Whyte is a U.K.-based brand, you can be sure that their latest models are designed for days just like this, where the rain turns the trails into a technical festival for the brave and adventurous. Thankfully, skin is waterproof, and with the right people leading the way, and on the right bike, with Smith helmets looking after the safety aspect, today’s mountain bike demo day at our Chevin Cycles Otley store, was certainly memorable – for all the right reasons. After all – life means venture!

Trek Slash 8 Full Suspension MTB

Speaking to riders returning from the ride out on the Trek demo bikes, all were excited by the muddy and clearly adventurous outing into the Chevin hills and forested trails. The Trek Slash 8 was a particular favourite with riders. One customer said they normally rode a hardtail and said it had helped in the sloppy and slippery winter conditions. The improved and excellent traction and grip, together with the silos feel and finely tuned suspension front and rear, allowed him to go for the lines, instead of choosing them delicately. No today, on the new Trek full suspension offerings, he like the other riders had been able to dance around the hills with wide smiles.

The bikes clearly showed their work, with the usual detritus of forest debris and mud layering the frames and drivetrains; however, the riders themselves, despite the cold November day, were all showing wide grins, with hearts still beating to the rhythm of a great trail ride. Rider comments were all similar, with one saying how he rode these trails locally on his own bike, describing the Trek SlSh 8 as “So different from what I ride, and nice to have a comparison. So much more solid and confident a ride. ‘

The latest mountain bike offerings from Trek are ideal for a British winter trail session, and the Trek Slash 8 Typifies this, with the usual high-end components from Trek. Their suspension is catered for with a RockShox Lyrik RC up front and a RockShox Super Deluxe at the rear, working together to smooth out rocks, roots and anything else that dares to defy the adventurous rider. Considering Trek’s support to some of the best mountain bike races in the world, the trickle-down technology is clearly showing in their latest mtb range, and it’s available here at Chevin Cycles.

Whyte Bikes E-160 RSX 29er Full Suspension E-Bike

One of the biggest rides out on the demo day, was the noon ride on the Whyte demo fleet, with Neil and Shaun from Whyte providing their awesome Whyte E-160 RSX 29er E-Bike to tackle the wet and challenging conditions of the Chevin trails. Thankfully the bikes are designed specifically for U.K. trail conditions, and with some experienced customers joining the ride, the Whyte E-160 excelled in the rain, bringing back some very wet but very happy mountain bikers.

The E-160 RSX is a versatile and involving mid-travel full-suspension electric mountain bike, and it simply loves being challenged on technical trails. The harder you ride it, the more power and smiles it’ll deliver to you, making for epic rides out in the hills.

Whether you’re riding out into the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, in search of your own mountain adventure, or racing the technical and twisting trails of the new Enduro race scene, the Whyte E160 RSX will take you to a new level of trail riding, with the award-winning Bosch 750Wh PowerTube battery and Performance Line CX motor, driving you forward. Line choice is maximised with this gravity-defying full-suspension mountain, designed, and built for U.K. riders, by this dynamic U.K. brand. Today was a day to be ‘forever in electric dreams’, with this awesome trail munching beast proving why it’s such a popular bike brand for the U.K. Mountain Biking community.

Join the Electric Revolution!

You don’t have to wait for the formal demo days to take a test ride on one of the latest E-Bikes from Whyte and Trek. We’ve got a large demo fleet at our Otley store, and we’re ideally placed, close to the Chevin hills and woodland trails.

Why not talk to our team today, take one of our demo fleet bikes for a test, and let Chevin Cycles and Whyte Bikes take you on your next mountain adventure?

Orbea Rise Review 

Forever in Electric Dreams

Written By Robert Thorpe

The E-bike has been around for a few years now, and it’s getting more efficient all the time. Why have I so far avoided it – I can’t answer that, because there’s no good reason, save for the simple fact that as I head into my late 50s, I want to keep as physically fit as possible. I kind of just thought that maybe if I had an E-Bike I’d pedal less! How wrong I was, and I’m happy to admit this.

Taking a trip to Chevin Cycles at Otley yesterday, their head mechanic and good friend of mine, Paul White Peters took me for a spin on the nearby steep and wooded Chevin trails. My bike for the day was the superb Orbea Rise full suspension E-MTB, with 140 mm out front, 139 at the rear and a geometry made for having fun. Off we go then.

The Rise comes with three power options, with two preset settings: Eco, for general riding; Trail, for when the technical elements need a little bit more; then finally, for those moments that we all experience, there’s a power boost setting that literally drives you forward and helps you to tackle those tricky moments of trail time. Orbea worked closely with Shimano to develop their in-house RS power concept; with Orbea developing their proprietary electronics and batteries, while Shimano configured their EP8 motor to work perfectly running the specific RS firmware. On the trail, all of this transfers to a power unit that delivers up to 20mph and that will last you for around 50 to 60 km.

Best of all, the harder that you ride, the more power it gives you. You’re literally rewarded for your efforts, meaning that the smiles become wider as you sweat. Tackling the Steep tracks on the Chevin, and twisting the tight turns between trees and over wet roots, the handling of the Orbea Rise was sublime. It’s a bike that wants you to ride hard and fast, but one which also wants to extend the trip, by looking after you. The front end tracks perfectly and the rear simply follows the line chosen with a willingness to ride, leaving you to swoop and steer to your hearts content.

Paul knows these trails like a fox knows where the best chicken coop is. With no signs on the trails and very little indication of where the next hidden single track lay, he simply turned left or right seemingly at random, always producing epic trails, rock gardens and grin-inducing descents. Testing the Lake MX 177 Mountain Bike shoes, I was riding flat pedals – always a good choice in the damp autumn woods. Thankfully my latent MTB skills came to life once more and the shoes stayed firmly pinned, with the stable sole giving me the right level of control, but with just enough flexibility for me to properly control the rear triangle and turn it in harmony with the direction that the front fork had decided to go.

It was a fast and furious trail at times, with tight S-shaped snake-like gaps between trees, damp and slippery tree roots and bubbling rock sections that the Orbea Rise suspension simply floated over and spat out its contempt for. Where potential hazards awaited me, I simply clicked the boost button, and with the power of Obi One, I simply floated to safety and continued the ride. The steep climbs, even the technical ones, became easy, and line choice was more open to me. Returning to the Chevin Cycles store, I found that my helmet lining had soaked up a good degree of sweat, and my Fitbit indicated that I’d actually pushed my heart. Yes, I was now and forever in Electric Dreams, thanks to Orbea.


How has the shoes performed? Absolutely spot on too, with the BOA system allowing me to tweak fitting on the fly, tightening when required. It was like riding in slippers, and the Supergrip Enduro Sole with Ice Lock anti-slip lug inserts had done their job perfectly. My feet had been wrapped in foot love, due to the wide toe box, and they’d also been free to breathe as I worked hard; meaning that my socks were dry and my feet were very happy.

As for me and my general demeanour – the smile lasted all day long and I’m now wondering how I can convince my wife that N+1 makes sense and that I owe it to myself to stay up to date with the latest technologies – especially those developed by Orbea!

ASSOS Speed Club

3rd September 2022

Join us for a ride with ASSOS

Join us for a Saturday social ride with Swiss cycling legends, ASSOS. As part of their Speed Club series, we will be heading out from our Harrogate store at 9am on Saturday 3rd September.

Riders can enjoy a rolling 76km ride around local roads before finishing at Cold Bath Brewing. This is a social ride, with a strict no-drop policy.

Shop the Tacx Flux or Neo 2T

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Introducing Trek Fuel EXe

The Dawn of a new era

First there was the forest. Next came the trail. And then there were mountain bikes. Hardtails for hammering. Full suspensions for crushing. Short travel whips. Long travel steeds. High powered e-bikes. Now—there’s Fuel EXe. Evolved to break the mold, bridge the gap, and elevate your ride with quiet assist that all but disappears in the woods. Fuel EXe is the culmination of your every desire on singletrack. It’s an e-mountain bike that empowers you to do more, without interrupting the way you experience nature.
Just as a mountain bike should.

It’s your best trail ride ever, with extra Fuel in the tank.

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The Models

Fuel EXe 9.9 XX1 AXS

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